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Dog Training – Solve Your Dog’s Jumping Problem

Dog Training - Solve Your Dog's Jumping Problem

Here’s an easy method that you can use to stop your dog from jumping on friends and family. Don’t forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscribe to my channel. You can also get my FREE ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior” at: www.amazingdogtrainingman.com

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35 Responses to “Dog Training – Solve Your Dog’s Jumping Problem”

  1. Seems easy enough. Will give this a try

  2. well, if he’s just sitting there, sounds like it’s working. if not, squeeze harder. also, an old farmer taught me when i was young to put my knee up high when a dog jumped on me and the dog will run into to knee with his chest area. eventually if he does it hard enough or you add slight force, he will quit. this worked with a giant malamute, too.

  3. This is one of the hardest things I try to explain to people. “No jump policy.” I like that phrase.

  4. my dog doesn’t give a crap bout his paws he likes it when i do it :/ He will just sit there and look at me and wont struggle at all. :/

  5. Thanks Eric! Will try it out later on!! Gill. =)

  6. cowandcalfsoftware Reply June 27, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    We had tried everything and turned to youtube for help. Yours was one of the first videos we watched and tried it straight away. What a difference, our dog (a chocolate lab) has responded perfectly to this. It has made our experience of having a puppy much more enjoyable. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge in this way.

  7. I walk a American Bulldog who has a habit of jumping a biting at the same time but only when you get back from the walk and try to put him inside. I will try this method.

  8. ok ima try this with my girls doggy tonite she hates that her dog always jumps on her and other people, if this works i will get some major punani points lmao

  9. i like the tab298 videos best

  10. a more effective way to solve this with your young puppy is to just squat when you greet him or her and praise when he or she does NOT jump.and also this is VERY non-positive and positive re-enforcements are more effective and faster.

  11. THANKS OMG Had this problem

  12. Hey people,
    I’ve been researching dog health for years now and have written my first report on dog health I’ve released for free at godoghealth(dot)com.

    I’d love to hear how it helps you!

  13. I taught my dog and dogs at the shelter where I volunteer to stop jumping by jumping my back and ignoring him. And if they try to come around to my front and jump again, I turn again. I’ll keep ignoring him and turning away until he is completely calm and stops jumping

  14. If you want to teach your dog something, especially when you are trying to break a habit, it is important to be consistent. However dog’s are in my opnion clearly sensitive to what person A allows and person B does not. For example my dog licks my friends face, not mine. I know he tried when he was young but I winced slightly once and he never tried it again. My friend doesn’t always want the dog on the ‘couch, I don’t mind. So when I am home he jumps on the couch immediately.

  15. did anyone else notice he said three halfs one half leting the dog jump up the second half preventing jumping up and a third half restling with the dog.

  16. I just tried this then I was outside. He was biting my hands.

  17. I love how he says “half are inviting the dog to jump, half are trying to stop the dog from jumping up and the other half are wrestling with the dog”.

    What’s the fourth half doing?

  18. yourpuppyclicker Reply June 27, 2012 at 10:38 pm

    thanks for sharing!

  19. hahaha well it means that your dog has gotten used to pee inside you should wait with him outside until he cant hold it much longer and dont go inside until he does

  20. My puppy is 8 weeks and we will take him outside a lot and he will go poop but not pee until we go back inside and sometimes he will squat like he is going to pee but doesn’t until we go back inside PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  21. Oh Ok! “Accidents” will happen but the problem is you! Wouldn’t that be called “learning” their signs when it happens?

  22. She’s just following the teleprompter, but I know, I don’t want to cut her slack for that one either.

  23. nice video

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  26. “…in the flip of a whisker!”

  27. IstruzioneCinofila Reply June 28, 2012 at 2:24 am

    If veterinarians simply to do their job …

  28. wow seriously? going on other videos to rant about your own course. That is sad..

  29. trainingpuppies1 Reply June 28, 2012 at 2:50 am

    Does this really work? I think my course is better!

  30. trainingpuppies1 Reply June 28, 2012 at 2:54 am

    Does this really work? I think my course is better!

  31. really enjoyed watching to your videos – I love animals and its great looking after them!

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