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Dog Training – The Secret To Loose Leash Walking

Leash walking is one og the commands that dog owners have difficulty with. In this video I share a simple secret to leash walking. Please leave a comment and you can get a free ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior.” Go to www.amazingdogtrainingman.com

15 Responses to “Dog Training – The Secret To Loose Leash Walking”

  1. Nice Video

  2. I’m just getting a border collie puppy and didn’t know anything about the breed, so I began researching your videos imformed me on how to deal with a dog but I’m still unimformed(if that is even a word) Do you have any other tips?

  3. Thanks! Great idea

  4. first thanks for taking the time to make and share this vid, now my question is I have a year old IG who is smoking crack! (just kidding PETA people) but if I were to use this example of how to leash walk I would never get out of the parking lot. what do you do in a very high engery type of dog?

  5. Nice Pit Bull!

  6. Is that a Staffordshire Bull Terrier?

  7. Maybe your dog is teething? get it to bite a toy instead?

  8. good video

  9. PatsieVideosDoom Reply July 1, 2012 at 4:03 am

    vacuuming your dog…LOLLLLL
    My dog is scared of it

  10. we just got a new dog so were going to take your advice

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    Just trying with my puppys and it’s very successfull till now
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  13. spray the leash with some stuff that they don’t like the smell of, sour apple spray works well I think or you can go to the vet and ask them they’ll reccommend something. I got some stuff from a friend. Worked well with my 10 week old lab x kelpie today.

  14. Great video for a way to train your dog in 7 days click here alturldotcom/w4dsb

  15. its just puppy reflex’s but if u work with her more she’ll finally get it my beagle has doing great because i work with him a lot.

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