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Dogs need to be trained for a variety of reasons. Dogs can be trained for protection, to hunt, or just to have a well-behaved pet. Dogs are well known for wanting to please their owners. Their eagerness to please is part of their appeal as pets. Below you will find several hints that will make training a more enjoyable experience for both you and your dog.

You need to communicate with your dog. Make sure you stick to your guns when you are training your dog. That includes rewards and punishments as well as verbal and body signals. Pay attention to any cues that your dog gives you, as well. When you look closely, you will be able to tell whether your dog is still receptive to training or getting too tired to continue.

Before you start training, learn which treats your dog likes best. By giving your dog this food, they will want to follow whatever you teach them. Pay attention to his reaction when you reward him.

Look out for your dog’s nutrition the same way you would look after your own. A poor diet will negatively affect your dog’s skin, eyes, muscles, bones and joints. It not only makes your dog unhealthy but can make him misbehave as well. Making sure your dog’s nutritional needs are met helps give them the focus that they need to be able to learn.

Vary the treats you use as rewards for your dog during training sessions. Rewarding your dog with special treats during training will encourage him to obey the commands you give him. He will begin to look forward to your training sessions.

Pay attention to the length of your dog training sessions. Spending too long on training exercises will start to bore the dog. Limit the amount of time you train at first to less than 10 minutes.

Dogs benefit the most from consistent training and rewards. Show your dog what you want him to do, then start a routine and as the dog practices, reward him. This is the most effective way to modify a dog’s behavior or teach him a trick. You have to show this to them through reward and repetition.

When trying to train a puppy it is important to resist games such as tug-of-war. This type of game will encourage your puppy to bite your hands, and think it is okay. Any type of chasing or wrestling game will also do the same. There is no way that you want them to exhibit that type of behavior. When they are older you will be able to play those games with them without causing them to act out when not playing the game.

You must teach your dog how to walk correctly when the leash is attached. The safety of both of you while out walking is paramount, and the proper training will ensure this.

You may want to get help from a specialist in dog training. Before you hire one, you will want to thoroughly check their references and interview them. Many animal behavior specialists have opposing opinions on how to correctly train dogs. Be sure to verify that the trainer you hire has similar ideas as yours, prior to implementing any of their tips.

Most often, dogs bite someone out of self-protective instincts due to fear. This is common behavior for a dog that feels as if he is trapped, threatened, or scared. While training your dog, you should avoid the use of excessive force. Your frustrated dog may bite you. Your dog will be more likely to want to please you.

As you have read, pet owners choose to train their dogs for many different reasons. The fact that dogs enjoy making their owners happy makes training easy and a way to bond with your dog. It is hoped that you have gained useful insight into how to train your dog to be the companion that you desire.

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