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The Beginners Guide To Training Your Dog

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Most people are drawn to dogs. Puppies can be quite destructive and often mischievous. Read this article to learn how you can train your dog.

Make sure your dog associates one word with one discrete behavior. This makes dogs easier to train because there is no ambiguity in which command goes with which behavior. Consistency is very important. It will make your dog happy to see you pleased by his actions.

Always take a dog for a nice long walk if you will be gone for several hours at a time. This should tire him out a little. He will better handle the separation from you when he is tired and needs rest.

Anytime you hire a professional, you need to look into their background, check references and interview them, and the same is true for a behavior specialist for animals. Talk to your behavior specialist and make sure that you are on the same page with the ideas and techniques that you would like to see implicated for your pet.

Treats are great rewards, but you need to find other positive reinforcements for training. Treats are effective for teaching proper behaviors. You probably don’t constantly have a treat in your pant’s pockets. Hugging or patting your dog is a good way to replace treats.

Good communication is the foundation of proper dog training. During your dog’s training sessions, keep your signals and commands clear and consistent. You’ll have to take into account not only your verbal cues but your body language too. Be well aware that your dog is telling you something too. If the dog is feeling happy and playful, or stressed and overworked, he will communicate this to you in his own way.

When training a dog it is important to teach him good habits from the start. Your dog should learn the right ways of doing things instead of developing bad habits that will need to be corrected later on. If an owner feels strongly that their pet should not beg for food off the table, it is important that he or she refrains from giving it to the dog in the first place.

Make sure that both you and your dog enjoy the daily training. When you play with your dog, you help make a stranger bond between the two of you. In return, he becomes more receptive to being trained. Training may be a fun activity, but it’s also good to enjoy your time with your dog.

Dogs with separation anxiety can benefit from training. If your dog makes it a habit to bark a lot or tear up the home while you are away, it more than likely is suffering from separation anxiety. You can help stop the behavior by teaching the dog to engage in other types of activity when home alone. It is also wise to be demonstrably affectionate in order to make him or her feel better.

Some dogs have specific bad behavior triggers, so distract him during these times. For example, if your dog doesn’t like other dogs, try to keep him entertained and busy as you pass by other dogs on walks. By doing this, you prevent your dog from making a habit of bad behavior by giving him something positive to associate with the trigger situation.

You should be able to have a clean home and a loving dog. If your dog is uncontrollable it can make it very difficult to have a clean and tidy home. Dog training is necessary if you want to have an obedient dog. You can live happily with your dog if you keep the advice in this article in mind.

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