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A Beginners Guide To Training Your Dog

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To a new owner, training a dog may seem like an impossible task. Since there are many different training techniques, you may feel confused on what is best. This article will provide with you several tips to help you get started.

If you know there are certain things that trigger a bad response from your dog, try and keep his attention whenever these things come up. Alternatively stated, when your pet dislikes the company of other animals, try to distract him or her whenever you encounter them out in the neighborhood. With time, your dog will get used to seeing other animals.

If you want to train your dog, you should first determine what special treats are the favorite of your dog. Your dog will work harder during training when he likes the treats you offer him. Make sure you pay attention to how he responds when you offer him this reward.

Make sure you use your dog’s name often, so that he learns to associate it with paying attention to you. Do this consistently during the first several weeks to get your dog to pay attention to you. A short name which sounds distinct from many other words is preferable.

Your whole family should be involved with training the dog. Even if there is only one person who trains the dog every day, it is advisable that the entire family take an active role so the house rules are constantly being enforced.

Do not tie a couple of dogs closely together. Their chains could get tangled up and as they struggle to get free; there is a good chance the dogs can get injured. If two dogs’ chains become entangled, it is possible that one or both dogs could experience difficulty breathing or even strangulation.

You need to show your dog how to properly walk while on a leash. Not only is this safer for the dog and easier on your body, such a frequent activity mandates good self-control and reinforcement of the chain of command from training.

Six months is the recommended age at which a dog should be spayed or neutered. This should happen before you start obedience classes. A spayed or neutered dog is a better pet and a more attentive obedience student. Your dog will be happier and he or she will live longer.

Be mindful of how long the sessions are when you train your dog. If you spend a lot of time on only one thing, your dog can get bored and frustrated. Only spend 10 minutes during the first couple of sessions.

Offer only your dog’s most favored treats when rewarding exceptionally good behavior, or when he accomplishes particularly difficult feats. Since these treats will be handed out sparingly, it should not matter too much if they are usually off limit items.

Be consistent with your dog training to make sure your animal stays obedient to the rules it has been learning. Do not assume that your dog will remember his training all his life. But dogs can become complacent just like their human counterparts. Dogs, much like kids, do best when they have limits and rules.

Positively encourage your dog without using treats. It does work to give dogs treats for good behavior. You probably don’t constantly have a treat in your pant’s pockets. Start using praise and extra attention, hugging and patting, when your dog displays a positive behavior.

Start your dog off on the right foot by installing good habits early on. Trying to change bad behaviors after the fact is far more difficult than teaching them the good ones right away. Never feed your dog from the table, if you don’t want him to get the habit of begging for scraps.


Accidents will happen sometimes when you house train your pet. Always clean up accidents right away to help with the training process and keeping the area sanitary. Carpets are known to trap the smell of urine and encourage the dog to return to that spot for further marking. There are a number of products that will get rid if the smell. Look for them at your favorite pet store.

This article should have given you some valuable information for training your dog. By using these tips, you will be able to train your dog.

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