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Everything You Need To Know About Dog Training

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<i>Image by <a href=krossbow
This is part of our library reading train. The windows look into classrooms. We have an artist on staff named Melissa Pooré and she made each and every 3 dimensional animal on the train.

The Daily Shoot assignment today was:
Striped patterns have a natural pattern that catches the eye. Find some stripes today and make a photo.

I had planned on using my iPhone to shoot a picture of each part of the train and then use the app AutoStitch and make a panorama. I was in a hurry and the pics were taken by hand so the panorama didn’t come out very well.
You can see it here farm3.static.flickr.com/2747/4407690742_da15401b71_b.jpg

All of the parts of the train are also uploaded in my photostream.

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Dogs need to be trained for a variety of reasons. A dog might be trained to protect someone, hunt a particular animal, or to make it easier to take care of them. Dogs are well known for wanting to please their owners. This is one of the reasons that they are such great pets. This article will give you some great tips for training your dog in a way that makes you both happy.

Dog training is most productive when you know what incentives that your dog will work for. You need to learn what your dog likes, and what he responds well to. He will expect love and positive reinforcement from you. He enjoys training and will respond to your leadership and patience. You will find it much easier to train your dog if he is happy.

Realize that training your dog will take time and patience. If you feel you are not in the state of mood that you can stay patient and understanding, don’t even bother trying to have a session at that moment in time, as it will only lead to frustration for you, as well as your dog. If you do not use patience when training dogs, because impatience will cause dogs to lose focus.

Involve the entire family in your dog’s training exercises. Although he will probably be working with one person more frequently, involving all family members helps to promote consistency and continuity.

Teach your pet the proper way to walk on a leash. This is both for the dog’s safety and your own, as well.

Dogs have a lot of energy to exhaust so make certain that you provide plenty of outlets for this to happen positively. Make sure your dog is properly fed, given a comfortable corner or bed to sleep and has a good place to run and be active.

If there are triggers for your dog’s bad behavior, while you pass temptation, keep him busy. If your dog isn’t comfortable being around other dogs, as you walk him, keep him busy as you walk past other dogs. This will help him correlate the relationship between that stimuli and the positive things that come from it.

You need to teach your dog what is right and what is wrong. This means everyone living in the house needs to enforce the boundaries you set. Anytime someone else deviates from what you are teaching, your efforts are less effective.

They key to having a healthy dog is to keep your dog as active as possible. Dogs are not designed to be sedentary animals. They need to run and work in order to be healthy and happy. Run with your dog, take it to the park or teach it to play Frisbee. Try not to let boredom set in with your dog by keeping him active as much as possible.

Use small steps when training a dog or pup to get into a crate, so that they can become familiar with it. Once they have grown accustomed to being in the crate with the gate open, try closing the gate and feeding them small treats through the crate. Start off small, like 10 seconds at a time, and slowly move up the times. If your puppy gets upset, then you may need to slow down and have more patience with them.


While you are in the process of housebreaking your puppy, expect the occasional accident to occur. Clean accidents right away to speed up training. If the mess stays on the area for too long, it can leave a scent behind that your animal may return to in the future to do his business. Many pet stores or big box stores sell products that help to eliminate the odors from pet accidents.

As you read at the start of this article, people have numerous reasons to train your dog. You will undoubtedly enjoy your dog more when he is trained, and he also will thrive with the ability to please you. The tips listed above should help you find the best way to curb problems with your pooch.

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