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Things You Must Know When It Comes To Training Your Dog

All types of dogs respond to training in the same way. Once you get a better understanding of how a dog thinks, you will be more efficient in training yours. This article should help anyone get into the right mindset if they are not already there.

The first step in training a puppy is to make sure he knows his name. Using his name frequently will teach him to respond when called. Usually this simple command “come” and their name, are what they learn first. Try to spend a good amount of time with your new dog. This way, you will find future training to be infinitely easier.

If you want to train your dog successfully, you have to understand what will motivate your dog to act. You are also learning about the personality and tastes of your dog. Whatever your goals, your dog’s training routine should include variety and plenty of positive reinforcement. The happier and more satisfied your dog is, the more successful your training will be.

In consideration of your training efforts, avoid rough games or anything that mimics in play what you don’t want your dog doing on his own. In addition to tug-of-war, games that involve wresting something away from your puppy or chasing each other in any respect, can entice the animal to bite or nip at your hands. You don’t want them to do this, so only play these games when they’re older.

Training should be disciplined but also fun for the dog. Your dog will enjoy training sessions most and be able to pay attention well if lessons are short. Ten to fifteen minutes is a good guideline. Give your dog rewards that vary and come often. The more you reward your dog the more he will continue the positive behavior. If your dog perceives training as fun, he will listen to you more!

When you begin training your dog consider using more than one type of treat as a reward. Using treats that your dog does not usually receive help to convey they message that your training sessions are special.

When house-breaking your puppy, choose a specific phrase to use when it’s time to go outdoors. For example, you could use the phrase, “go potty” when you take them outside to help them remember what to do when you go outside and say the command.

Using a crate is an effective way to house train your dog. Take your dog outside frequently and try to maintain a regular schedule in order to maximize the effectiveness of the crate. A dog trained in a create will have less accidents with time.

Opt for praise and affection as a reward instead of so many dog treats. Treats are effective for teaching proper behaviors. You probably don’t constantly have a treat in your pant’s pockets. Start using praise and extra attention, hugging and patting, when your dog displays a positive behavior.

Make dog training easier by helping your puppy always feel safe and loved, rather than afraid. If dogs feel unsafe, they will likely lash out in some type of bad behavior. Work with your dog until he feels secure and confident. Do not throw him into experiences which he cannot handle.

Get your dog comfortable with the types of actions it would experience at a vet exam. Gently run your hands across his whole body, and praise him for calm behavior. Practice handling both paw and teeth exams, by examining between the paw pads and lifting the dog’s jowls. See if you can get friends or family members to help you.


Be patient when you are training your puppy, there is no doubt that accidents are going to happen. To help your training stay on track, clean up any messes right away. When a dog uses the house to relive itself, the smell can linger on the carpet if not cleaned properly. You will then have a dog that will continue to use that same spot all of the time. Visit a good pet shop to find products created especially for odor control.

If you can get your mind in tune with what your dog is thinking, it will have a great impact on your training. When you know and understand this principle, you will be more successful in your efforts. With the right information, one can now be a more effective trainer for their dog.

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