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Free Dog Training Tips – Learned Indifference Video

housemanners4dogs.com Free dog training video reveals the secret behind how to train your dog to start listening to you and STOP ignoring you whenever he thinks something ELSE is more interesting then listening to you.
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8 Responses to “Free Dog Training Tips – Learned Indifference Video”

  1. 22

  2. Wtf is this a joke Lol wtf are u talking about wowwwww

  3. Lol u should handle animals for a living before posting dumb shit

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  5. Interesting he doesn’t work/train his mother’s dog instead prefers to lock the innocent dog in the car. Apparently he doesn’t possess the skills he is trying to sell. He and his mother should visit in the car because he’s inept and she is stupid. They both should not own pets of any sort, well maybe the battery operated dogs that bark on cue.

  6. it was perfect up until U asked for my credit card number lol

  7. @tinobhoy, I agree. he lost me at “…forced to lock him in the car”. Professional? I think not.

  8. I don’t think I’ll be taking advice from a guy who thinks it’s alright to keep a dog in a car outside for over an hour. If you can’t teach your own mothers dog to behave then I won’t be employing any of your “techniques”… Plus, your whole attitude throughout the video is cocky and very annoying.

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