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A Few Key Tips To Help Train Your Dog

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Dog training is vital to your happiness, and the dog’s as well. A dog that is well-trained assures that your dog knows exactly what he can expect. You will not have to worry about leaving him home along or taking him to public places. The time spent training a dog is paid back tenfold during your dog’s lifetime. Training is not easy, but it is very rewarding.

If you want to train your dog, you should first determine what special treats are the favorite of your dog. Offering your dog a truly special reward is an easy way to encourage them. Pay attention to what treats your dog responds the best to.

Demand respect and attention from your dog at all times. If you don’t feel like making time or having enough energy to give the dog a command, don’t do it.

Introductions to other animals should be done very slowly. If you want a second pet, look for one that will be compatible with your current pet. Ideally, your new pet’s personality should mesh well with those of your existing pets, which makes it likelier that they will bond.

You should never tether two dogs in close proximity to one another. This is due to the fact that they could become tangled in each others cords and end up injuring themselves when trying to get free. If the dogs are different sizes, it could be even worse. A small dog could easily choke to death if it were to get too tangled up with a larger breed.

Gradual increments are easiest on your dog when going through crate training. When they’ve settled down with the gate open, slowly shut it and pass treats through the gate. Start off small, like 10 seconds at a time, and slowly move up the times. Freaking out your dog is a sign that you need to slow down.


Use the dog’s name as much as possible to ensure that it pays attention. Use it constantly in the first few weeks that you have your dog: your puppy should associate this sound with paying attention to you. Put some thought into your dogs name, and choose one that isn’t too long and that isn’t too similar to other common words.

You can use a few tricks when crate training your dog or puppy. If your puppy seems reluctant about entering the crate, place a chew toy inside and close the door to the kennel. This will make the puppy want to be let inside the crate to get the bone. Praise your dog once he gets into the crate.

Choose one phrase to use every time you want your dog to do his business. Use the same word or phrase each time you bring him out to go to the bathroom so that he understands what you want him to do and makes a memory link between the phrase and the act.

It is a good idea to get the whole family involved with the training of a new dog or puppy. Although one person may do most of the actual training, other family members who deal with the dog must be involved as well so that the training is consistent.

Training your dog will establish rules for them and for you. It will help you to be able to have a leadership position over your dog and help you both to have a fulfilled relationship together. It is important that you are always reinforcing what you have taught your dog. Keep his memory crisp, and do not let any deviations from acceptable behavior slide through. Once your dog understands all the basics, the sky is the limit as far as what it can achieve with your help.

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