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Dog Training Tips: How To Train A Puppy To Sit

www.howdini.com Dog training tips: How to train a puppy to sit Cuteness will only get a puppy so far in this world – he needs to have good manners to be totally lovable. Dog trainer Mike DAbruzzo demonstrates how to teach a puppy to sit and lie down, with the help of a rambunctious Yorkie named Moses. Keywords: how to teach your dog to sit how to train a puppy to sit how to train your dog to sit how to train a dog to sit how to teach a dog to sit dog training tips
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Stop puppies biting- clicker dog training

This video is on how to stop your puppy biting you. The technique of clicking the absence of biting was shown to me by my mentor Kyle Rayon, who is one of the most amazing and innovative trainers, though she is very modest! Dogs use their mouths to interact with their environment, so it is normal for a puppy to want to bite your hands or clothes. However in our society it is highly inappropriate. To train a puppy to stop using their mouth when interacting with humans is simple. All you have to do is set up training scenarios where your puppy would normally start biting and train an alternate response- calmly sitting, lying down, standing, or walking with a closed mouth. First you would start with the least arousing game- so simply just a reaching hand. As you reach, click or say “yes” and then feed a treat. As the puppy is successful you can progress to more and more arousing stimulus. You should not allow your dog to be man handled or petted roughly. Petting should not only be rewarding for the human but for the dog as well. However at some point in your dogs life, someone might get to your dog before you can stop them and be overly rough. You can prepare your dog for these situations by playing training games. But when these situations do occur in real life, respect your dog, and get them out of the stressful situation. Do practice handling exercises for grooming as well as vet visits regularly… Tips- These exercises should only be done by ADULTS. As children can

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  1. oh, one other thing…Make sure all the member of your home are all on board. It will be very confusing for her if different people give her different expectations.

  2. They are never too late to learn but you have to change the way you have been doing things. Maybe you can start of using a leash so you have more control. You really need to be consistent. Keep each session to less than 5min. but do it several times a day. Good luck! :)

  3. My dog is already about a year old… I think she’s a bit too late to teach all this… but I really want her to learn… any tips????

  4. If she bites, try using the suggestion in our, “Training puppies not to bite video.” Maybe try working on one of the issues at a time, to not confuse her. Also shorter sessions and a calm positive voice from you may be helpful (if you are not already doing this.) Good luck.

  5. Maybe you can try using a leash. Holding the leash short just to prevent the backing up. Don’t get to frustrated b/c your puppy need for this to be “fun.”

  6. i have a 2month old rottweiler puppy and i taught this for a long time but she always wanna bite me and that bite is so strong9it hurts a lot).she never listens to me and i’m afraid that i won’t be able to teach her.please find me a solution :( many thanks.

  7. Can i have some helps please?When I put the treat over my dogs head she just backs up?

  8. Ok, try this, Get her attention with the treat. Hold it in your closed fist. and hold your fist close to your chest and do a harsh argh! If she paused for a second, praise her and offer her you closed fist. as she sniffs around, open your palm for her to get it. That way you are in control. Be consistent. HTH.

  9. Any kind should be fine. Usually a soft moist kind is best. That was you can break/tear it into a tiny piece. It is a treat (not a meal) and since you will be giving then frequently you do not want to fill him/her up with treats plus you do not want to diminish your supply. HTH

  10. Thanks for chiming in with that tip! :) 

  11. Even though some store bought treats are well liked, try using a pea sized piece of lean meat like turkey or chicken.

  12. what kind of treats should i use for this kind of training

  13. lol :) )

  14. yes; exctly 

  15. I SWEAR MY DOG DOES THE SAME THING! (he’s a german shepherd too)

  16. Can someone please help? my puppy is very energetic and when i try this she jumps up and eats it. Any tips?


  18. OriginalHellCrusher Reply June 15, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    jesus your dogs know more commands than me xD

  19. Thanks! :)

  20. I love your Australian Shepherd!!

  21. and you are a loser who has nothing better to do then try to hurt other peoples feelings

  22. Aww

  23. PirateOfTheRodeo Reply June 15, 2012 at 9:28 pm

    I don’t get it.

  24. You want to bite it strengthens their teeth

  25. Your welcome! Have fun with your Vizsla, they’re so cute!

  26. Thanks

  27. I’m constantly doing training myself (trick, agility, freestyle ect) and I use all different kinds of treats. For a low reward that keeps the dog calm, you can use some kibble. My dog is a food hound and will work for it even in stress situations. I also use cooked meats like pieces of chicken. Cheese is also a favorite. What you should keep in mind: a treat that is small so your dog doesn’t get too full, and one that’s healthy. Store bought treats – small healthy treats – little bear ect.

  28. This didnt help all I see is you giving treats

  29. What do you use for treats? We just got a Vizsla 2 days ago, and would like to start clicker training! Thanks in advance for the help!!

  30. Thank you :-) I find ignoring (turning my back) helps mostly and if he’s very wild – a time-out in his crate to calm down. The yelping does not work at all for my beagle. Trying to calm him in my arms does work sometimes but not others. Thanks for the comprehensive review and the fact you admit not all methods work for different dogs :-)

  31. You mention handling games and proper handling. Would love to see a video on that!

  32. those wind chimes are annoying as hell

  33. ArisAmazingArtStudio Reply June 16, 2012 at 2:22 am

    Yeah LOL Thats what ive always heard :) 

  34. Lol as if you believed all dalmations are deaf?!

  35. I have a pitbull/sharpey and he is 11 weeks and wont stop biting me and i cant get him to stop

  36. ArisAmazingArtStudio Reply June 16, 2012 at 4:13 am

    Really? Sure I’ll google it right now…..

  37. not all are. google it

  38. ArisAmazingArtStudio Reply June 16, 2012 at 5:53 am

    I couldnt help but notice you are training a dalmatian…..they are deaf….which means they cant hear…..which means he cannot hear the clicker noise….soooo…yeah. Just an observation

  39. should not use clicker to get the attention of the dog. say name then if he/she looks at you use clicker
    and reward.. then ween off of treats use clicker and ween off clicker. puppy might have a difficult time. also you never touched on other reienforcers and rough play is another reinforcer for the dog to get them weened of of treat training. high voice and praise means the world i see you have no blood killere like pit pit bulls..

  40. robblomquistgmail Reply June 16, 2012 at 7:03 am

    An excellent video, I need to help my inlaws with their chihuahua mix who bites constantly. The method looks sound, and I love kikopup’s absolute teaching of the positive reinforcement aspect of clicking training. To respond to the guy with the beagle pup, you click for no bite. No click for a bite. But you can click for a dog who is too busy eating for a bite too.

  41. i’ve been using your methods on my 10 week old beagle pup. I’m having a lot of trouble with biting and mouthing. I’m not totally sure what exactly your clicking for in this exercise. Especially at the beginning of the exercise before the pup realises what’s going on. She lunges for my hand each and every time so I’m afraid to click in case I reinforce the biting.

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