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Dog Training – Training Your Dog To Pee And Poop On Command

Standing outside in the freezing cold or pouring rain waiting for your dog to pee is no fun. Learn how you can train your dog to go on command. You can also get my FREE ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior” at: www.amazingdogtrainingman.com
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18 Responses to “Dog Training – Training Your Dog To Pee And Poop On Command”

  1. @eletendre1 Hi,i just adopted a puppy from shelter and he is like 2 months old.I really love him but my mom really dont like the puppy to pee everywhere so i began to search sme information then i saw your video and i want to try it as soon as possible.The treat u were talking is it have to be like dog biscuit or can i give him something different?Please reply to me

  2. XzEPICNOSCOPESzX Reply July 7, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    i just got my boxer puppy yesterday. and he dosent show any signs he wants to pee or poo. i take him outside when he wakes up,eats,drinks,and sniffs around. and he dosent go at all. he just goes randomly on my carpet…….. i need help please!

  3. i have a problem with my dog which started 2 weeks ago. for some reason, he pees in his kennel. he hasnt had that problem before those 2 weeks because he was doing peeing and pooping in his potting box. he would jump right in there by himself without a problem. so what can i do to help him continue his good habits of peeing in his box instead of his kennel? hes about 6 month old. thank, joe.

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  5. “Poop On Command”… AND NOW, SHIT, PUPPY. SHIT!!!!!

  6. @lylrocker first you teach the dog to go on command and then just go to that spot.

  7. how can i teach my puppy to do there business in one certain spot outside?

  8. hey , if i first buy a puppy .. is it possible if i place newspapers all over the floors of the house ..for maybe 2-3 weeks ? then i reduce the amount of newspapers day by day .. then the dog will just pee on it when there’s left one newspaper ..
    will the dog understand ?

  9. ggggggg

  10. I’ve done this in the past & it works great but I added on other step to speed up the process so i can get back inside a little faster. When the dog is on leash and I’ve started the training process I make sure that i keep the dog moving to get things “moving” on the inside that much faster. make it even easier is i just have her walk in a circle around me & keep a good pace going until she has to go.

    as a result when i tell her “go potty” she trots around at a faster pace & gets done quicker

  11. I tried the leash, the “Get Busy” phrase for over 2 weeks and it did absolutely nothing. So instead, I tell my dog “Poo Outside” and he’s catching on a lot faster. I do reward him immedetely after he does his business with a treat and praise him. I’ll say “Good boy, poo outside”… Just sayin’

  12. I accustomed to my mom telling her dog to “go potty,” only he doesn’t listen at all lol. I think her problem is that she doesn’t put him on a leash or really even reward him, so he’s not doing the whole “go potty outside” thing. This is a great thing to teach your dog, especially if you have a service dog. I plan to train my service dog to do this when I get her.

  13. im getting a bichon frise this month so this will help alot thanks.

  14. It helps! Thanks!

  15. and ‘back’ when we want him to poop

  16. thats what ive been using for my shihtzu for the past 8 years and hurry up

  17. You are awesome! I am thinking about getting a Shephard :)

  18. How do you wean a dog off of puppy pads? The dog will not go outside and only goes on pads and she doesn’t understand the concept of going outside. Any advice?

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