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How To Train Puppy To Stop Biting!

My answer to a very popular viewer question: Curbing play-biting/mouthing/nipping is the top priority for new puppy parents. Consistency & a positive, gentle approach allows us to quickly & effectively teach a puppy to make the right choices. The emphasis is on teaching the puppy the appropriate behaviors, instead of correcting them for making reasonable mistakes. Remember that puppies love to interact with their human(s) in all sorts of ways, and learn from every interaction that we have with them. As an alternative to using aversive punishment, this multi-faceted approach allows us to creatively connect with our dogs by employing positive reinforcement and harnessing a relationship that is based on trust & respect. If you like this video, please share it with anyone that you think might find it useful. If you have any other puppy questions/concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments & I will address them in the next puppy training video!

Check out this article for a full length article on how to house train your dog- it contains more tips than are in this video- www.dogmantics.com Check out this article for photos and text on how to create an escape proof pen- clicktreat.blogspot.com

33 Responses to “How To Train Puppy To Stop Biting!”

  1. Actually I tried it, and I actually DID get bit harder. I’m gonna try this way instead ^^’

  2. Well,I just got a thin and short branch and when my dog would bite me on my leg,hand or pants I’d just hit him on his nose easly and loudly say NO! and after 10-15 times he never bit me again…

  3. 3:45 toys are more fun to play with that hands. some people take that to heart

  4. have you found a solution to your problem?

  5. you’re great man

  6. Thank you so much for this video, have been looking for a way to discourage my three month old beagle from biting our children and us. Feel that as he responded so well to clicker training so far, the off command should work well. Thanks again

  7. another way is to hold your dog down to the ground, not hard, only to show that ur the dominate species, your dog may try everything to get loose but you cant let it, after its done freaking out and calmed down, you let them up and give them lots of love and a treat, but this can be trouble on a few dogs, they think its a challenge, so make sure to be serious

  8. legopalyerful123 Reply July 9, 2012 at 2:43 pm

    my golden retriever puppy likes to bite a lot an i tried everything in this video i dont know wat to do

  9. Also, don’t get all mad or anything if it doesn’t end up working. If you do that, your German Shepherd will just get all worked up and bite you even more! (:

  10. Hmm… that’s really confusing. While I read your comment, I thought about maybe just not giving the treat to your puppy. I then realized that she’s doing what she’s told, so you should reward her for that. Have you tried the “OUCH” method? Maybe you should try that, and then the “Off” method. If that doesn’t work, leave the room like he said. Perhaps your German Shepherd does think the gnawing is her reward. Try saying “No.” to her and seeing if she responds to that. Good luck! (:

  11. Great video.

  12. Im going to try this on my new puppy,hope it works. I’ve also been trying to teach my other dog (8 month old GSD) some tricks, but when he sees that i have a treat he gets really excited and just tries to take it away and starts biting my hands or whatever i have the treats in.

  13. chickenlittle1980 Reply July 9, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    I let my puuppy see this vid and it stop biting and fell asleep

  14. Thank you for these videos, because I’ve been learning to be a dog trainer

  15. Your videos are really helpful, you are awesome!

  16. What do you do with a dog that pees in its crate? Sometimes he’s only in there an hour when he does it and we can’t seem to make him stop.

  17. Good video! I have a puppy shin tzu, I e

  18. Awesome can you make a vid. On something else like wat food and treats you give ur dogs cause i just got my dog and I dont know what to give him

  19. Nature’s Miracle has a specific urine destroyer that is the best. You can even use a black light to see that it removed the urine stain.

  20. why are you so awesome!

  21. Yes a female but also my male dog does it too.

  22. texasironcowboy1 Reply July 9, 2012 at 9:22 pm

    Wouldn’t happen to be female? I only have this problem with females.

  23. same problem here. my dogs can be outside most of the day but as soon as you put them inside they start doing their business.

  24. I have a dog who will still do his business inside the crate. I can i make him stop??

  25. texasironcowboy1 Reply July 9, 2012 at 11:05 pm

    Tried all that. None of it worked. It’s been three months now and I’m about ready to strangle the dog. She has no problem going outside in the rain. In fact she spends most of her day outside and comes in long enough to go to the bathroom and is back outside.

  26. Hi,
    I have a 2 year old English bulldog that we literally just got. She was a rescue from a puppy mill so she goes to the bathroom anywhere, she was living eating and sleeping in her own fecal matter. How do I teach her not to go pee or poo in the house? We don’t let her anywhere that has carpet or run or anything besides our hard wood floor and her crate. Please

  27. Hi,
    My 6 month old bullmastiff stays in our bathroom (set up for her as a den) while we are at work (we work in our home – a restaurant – so we are able to go and let her out at set intervals). Our bathroom is cushion floor. She will not go on the cushion floor but when we are home and she is out with us in the living room – she will just sneak off to go (mostly #2) on the wood floor. Why is this happening and what can we do to prevent it?

  28. @kenshyn91 I wouldn’t recommend a puppy if you won’t be home all day, at least for a week or two. You could adopt an older puppy or an adult dog, which would work great :)

    However, if you have your heart set on a puppy, maybe take a week off from work to work with him or her and then get a dog walker to come to your house and let them out.

  29. Hello kikopup :D I have a question that you can help me with :) I’m 21 and i’m moving out of my parents house soon , i have never been alowed a dog altough i absolutely love them.So with a new dog ( puppy) i won’t be home for at least the duration of my job, when i AM home i’ll give him all the attention ( with leash etc) My question is,how can i house train my dog when i am arround ,i know that puppys can’t hold their blatters for more than 2 hours :C
    Any tips or advice would be good. Thanks!

  30. How do I get my dog (2.5yrs) not to start peeing while attaching the leash so that I can direct him outside to the pee location. He squats while I attach the leash and sure enough there is a little blob of urine. Is it a fear of me, so I’m going to pee before you submissive thing? I think he was abused by previous owners and at first was real skittish with us, me specifically. But, we have a good relationship and I would like him to pee on a mat…

  31. um… whyd you get a dog?

    you could try a dog walker. that would be an expense. prolly the next best thing is to have pads set up in a safe room or play pen (sold at pet stores) and on one side a bed and maybe some water, the other side the training pads, and then just work a lot on house training when you ARE home…. but I heard that if you pad-train a dog, they will pee on papers when you leave them on the ground in the future… then as the pup gets older just take the pads away

  32. Hi, I love all your videos as I recently found out about them from a complete stranger from the park. I’m looking forward to practising your tips on my 10 month old miniature Jack Russell. There’s one thing that is driving me nuts about his peeing. He seems to squirt a little every time I try to put his harness on & he sometimes seems to squirt a little when I get a little annoyed with him when he is naughty, i,e I shout at him. Am I doing something wrong with my dog or is this normal behaviour?

  33. You’re really pretty Emily :)

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