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Dog training-Teaching a puppy to come and walk on lead www.sidneyaarons.com.au

This is the Sidney’s segment from the first episode of HoundTV wher he works with his Rottweiler puppy ‘Maverick” teaching the beginnings of the recall and to walk on lead. Video Rating: 5 / 5 Read more

Dog Training: Dancing Shih tzu puppy FurFur

9-month old Shih tzu puppy twirling around for food. As a part of obedience training, we would ask our pets to perform a few commands for us before rewarding them with their meal. Here, FurFur performed the following commands: Lie down Roll over (with his own spin on it) Gluteus Dancing Go get your food [...] Read more

How To Train Puppy To Stop Biting!

My answer to a very popular viewer question: Curbing play-biting/mouthing/nipping is the top priority for new puppy parents. Consistency & a positive, gentle approach allows us to quickly & effectively teach a puppy to make the right choices. The emphasis is on teaching the puppy the appropriate behaviors, instead of correcting them for Read more

Teach a Puppy to Sit | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

Follow eHow Pets for regular tips from Victoria Stilwell and more: www.youtube.com Victoria teaches Dylan to sit, a cue that’s the foundation of building a common language between a person and a dog. In Teacher’s Pet, Victoria Stilwell shows you how to employ her Positively Method to train your dog the right way, growing your [...] Read more

Dog Training Tips – Secrets For All Puppy & Dog Obedience Training?

Dog Training Secrets : www.dogtrainingtips4you.com Here are what we regard to be the key concepts to successful dog training, and a short description of each: ★Bonding Perhaps the most important aspect of building a successful relationship with your dog will be your rapport with him. If you make your dog into a close friend by [...] Read more

Dog Training – puppy training techniques

www.sitmeanssit.com Dog training puppy techniques can be done in a variety of ways. In this daily dog training video, I show one of our trainers (Ashton Fitz-Gerald) using a broom in different ways to train his young puppy. Finding different ways to motivate a dog is part of a daily challenge of being a dog [...] Read more

Dog Training: House Training a Puppy

Learn how to house train a puppy in this dog training video from Howcast. Expert: Andrea Arden Dog Training Subscribe to Howcast YouTube Channels: Howcast Main Channel – howc.st Howcast Video Games Channel – howc.st Howcast Tech Channel – howc.st Howcast Food Channel – howc.st Howcast Arts & Recreation Channel – Read more

Dog Training Tips: How To Train A Puppy To Sit

www.howdini.com Dog training tips: How to train a puppy to sit Cuteness will only get a puppy so far in this world – he needs to have good manners to be totally lovable. Dog trainer Mike DAbruzzo demonstrates how to teach a puppy to sit and lie down, with the help of a rambunctious Yorkie [...] Read more