The Best Gifts for Dog Owners

There are two sorts of individuals in this world: hound sweethearts who are so enamored with their four-legged companions that they, on some profound enthusiastic dimension, comprehend Barbra Streisand's drive to clone her canine, and every other person. In the event that you fall in that last class — or are even, god prohibit, a feline individual — it tends to be precarious to discover a present for the pooch darling in your life that they'll really discover helpful. In spite of the fact that even the most genuine pooch guardians could presumably utilize some assistance in discovering special and fun puppy blessings that go past the standard treats, toys, and travel extras.

That is the reason I talked with puppy mentors, groomers, and pooch proprietors about the best canine endowments they've at any point gotten and their go-to blessing thoughts for puppy darlings. Underneath, more than 30 of their top picks that are certain to satisfy puppies all things considered and influences (and puppy guardians).

1. Tail Teaser Training Toy

Sarah Fraser, co-founder of Instinct Dog Behavior and Training in New York City, likes to give younger or adolescent dogs what’s called a flirt pole, which is “like a giant cat toy. For many dogs, it quickly becomes their favorite — a fantastic substitute for chasing real squirrels. Plus, it’s a great form of exercise that doesn’t require the owner to do much.” There’s one for small-to-medium dogs from Outward Hound that she likes.

2. Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole

Fraser also likes this one for medium-to-large dogs from Squishy Face Studio.

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